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Friday, September 14, 2007

Story in Economic Times

Economic Times carried a story about the establishment of the program.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paper on de facto exchange rate regimes

Exchange Rate Regime Analysis Using Structural Change Methods by Achim Zeileis, Ajay Shah, Ila Patnaik. The abstract reads:

Regression models for de facto currency regime classification are complemented by inferential techniques for tracking the stability of exchange rate regimes. Several structural change methods are adapted to these regressions: tools for assessing the stability of exchange rate regressions in historical data (testing), in incoming data (monitoring) and for determining the breakpoints of shifts in the exchange rate regime (dating). The tools are illustrated by investigating the Chinese exchange rate regime after China gave up on a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar in 2005 and to track the evolution of the Indian exchange rate regime since 1993.

Four slideshows on open economy macroeconomics

PDF files with four slideshows done at the Ministry of Finance in July 2007 are on the website. The titles are: (1) The currency regime (2) Capital controls (3) Monetary policy and (4) Policy issues.